seeks submissions from independent producers

Do you have a docmentary, short or long form, that tells a story of human drama, human rights, social or environmental issues? If so, then we’d like to review your film and help you distribute it on Please see the site and use the Submission tab to send us your information.

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We’re also very interested in hearing your suggestions on how to make the site better from any perspective.


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    I would like more information on how to submit my documentary to

    Larry Willette
    Webfoot Entertainment

    • 2

      Please email with the logline of your documentary, or a brief description so we can determine if the content falls in line with our mission. Include details such as your stage of production and your release date. If you have a website with a trailer for you site, please include a link. Also, our site freely distributes content but allows the option of selling full copies through our site (DVDs or other means). If we do accept your film for our site, we will require a minimum of a 5 minute video be provided for free online viewing. This can be a trailer or teaser or can be a short excerpt of your film. The choice is yours. We look forward to reviewing your film.

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