Link to DocumentaryTV and we’ll reciprocate

Links to and from your site make search engines happy. As we build DocumentaryTV we’d like to link to/from your site. If you have a site that is involved in film, documentary production or promotion, or any related field, link to us at and send us an email at telling us where we can find the link. We’ll then add a link back to your site from ours. Thanks for the help. We all benefit.


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    Good stuff People.

    I would love to add a link from your site to ours and our site to yours.
    Working on it…We are looking to promote independent film and documentary projects from Eastern Africa and get them on to a global platform…Networking deeply desirable for us….


    • 2

      Please email me a logo along with the exact link to your website/webpage and we’ll get it setup. I’ll reply to your email with our logo and the link to use for our site. In your email, tell me more about your organization. I’d like to learn more. I have shows in development in Nairobi and Uganda. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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