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    To whom it concerns, A 20 minute film documentry has bee produced on myself a former British Child migrant sent to NZ in the early fifties, it talks of my first return to search for my lost birth roots in 1965. Although the time/line is somewhat dated it tells my story as “Anthony of the Commonwealth”… I did not stay in my birth country but went back to NZ & Australia…. only to return to retire in my birth town of Hemel hempstead. Where the film is shot on location of nostalgic old home grounds. It is very poignant in that although I first returned a long time ago I did suffer identity confusement. yet I was one of the very few really lucky ones. So many former child migrants suffered so badly is it shocking. We were not the child war evacuee children… who were cherrished by their country. We were not children of the so called”Ten Pound Poms” who had a family embrase while sailing mighty oceans. We were the Children mother/Britannia did not want. Think about that. The Lost Children of the Empire. Well I am back with my case/history plus talk of the wider issue. We were sent to wilter or bloom on hither shores. Please contact me your interests one way or other. You could add this short film into your further research to make a full hour shore. the film was produced, directed & edited by a “masters” university student who holds the copywrite. With a historic war setting and credited post ending. In fact a longer film could be made using actors. If so I would nominate the direcor of the documentary. I would take a memory/ghost roll. As is mention in the documentary… where my little forsaken Englishboy memory ghost is portrayedas coming to meet me as I stept downd from the train… to the green, green grass of my old home town. But no momma or poppa came to meet me, only my separated self. Do not let this golden opportunities go by you. Please contact “Tonykiiwi” myself on tonymaria@ntlworld.com Thanking you Anthony (Tony) Chambers A full manuscript of my multi migratioonal life is waiting a lucky publisher.

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