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A Story of Bravery and Survival – Against All Odds
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Escape from Firebase Kate was written and produced by Paul Kakert for Davenport, Iowa based non-profit Storytellers International. The 1-hour documentary recounts the events of an intense 3-day siege during the Vietnam War in 1969. U.S. Army Special Forces Captain William Albracht, a 21-year-old from Illinois, is assigned command of Firebase Kate, making him the youngest commanding officer in Vietnam. Only two-dozen American troops and 100 indigenous Montegnard infantry occupy the small artillery outpost near the Vietnam-Cambodia border – just off the Ho Chi Minh trail. The base comes under heavy attack the day Albracht arrives. What is initially assumed as…

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Train to Nowhere: An Immigrant Death Investigation

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The first feature documentary release from Storytellers International by Director Paul Kakert and Writer Colleen Bradford Krantz. A stunning documentary as part of the collection featured on .

When the bodies of 11 Central Americans and Mexicans were found inside a railcar in Denison, Iowa, the nation took notice. Reporters descended on the small farming community to discover how and why this group ended up inside a locked railcar, where they would die horrific deaths. The documentary, “Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation” offers an honest, yet compassionate look at the 2002 railcar deaths of the 11 undocumented immigrants. It takes viewers from southern Texas, to a Guatemalan farm, to the Iowa town where the bodies were found. The film is part crime story, part immigration perspective. It breaks free of the standard immigration story in examining various viewpoints: that of one victim’s New York brother, a long-time immigration agent, and a train conductor imprisoned for working with the smugglers who locked the railcar to throw off U.S. Border Patrol inspectors. Find out more and buy the DVD at .

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Filming continues in Antigua for Auroville India documentary

Filming continues this week, through May 9th, in Nelson’s Harbor in Antigua for the documentary film “Journey to the City of Dawn – Auroville, India”. Ann and Ali set sail on the 9th across the Atlantic. New trailers will be posted soon so please visit and make sure you sign up for film updates so you can check out the latest trailers.

Again, thanks for your interest and support. I have everyone can help, even a little bit, by visiting and making a small donation to help make this film a reality.

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Solving Social Problems with Charities versus Businesses.

Here’s an interesting approach for those of you interested in solving social problems. Do you go the route of starting a charity/non-profit, or start a business? Social Entrepreneurs say the business route can accelerate the process. Check out this NY Times article.

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Link to DocumentaryTV and we’ll reciprocate

Links to and from your site make search engines happy. As we build DocumentaryTV we’d like to link to/from your site. If you have a site that is involved in film, documentary production or promotion, or any related field, link to us at and send us an email at telling us where we can find the link. We’ll then add a link back to your site from ours. Thanks for the help. We all benefit.

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